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Send Newsletters and Product Upgrade Notifications to all customers

YL Mail Man - Newsletter sending software

Contact your all clients with ease

Our Newsletter Sender is a software for all Windows platforms to send newsletters or Product Upgrade Notifications in plain text, or newsletters in HTML to a huge list of email accounts.

To send out your newsletters or Product Upgrade Notifications, you just need a .txt file with all the email addresses, and a plain text or an HTML file with the body of your newsletter.
Then, just add your smtp (e.g.: and you are ready to send out your newsletters.

Using Our Newsletter Sender you can:

  • Send newsletters or product upgrade notifications to thousands of email addresses
  • Send newsletters or product upgrade notifications in plain text or HTML
  • Add attachemnts to your newsletters or product upgrade notifications (attachment of .COM, .EXE, .BAT, .CMD, .VBS, .JS, .VBE, .JSE, .WSF, .WSH, .PIF, .REG, .INF files is disabled to prevent attachemnt of VIRUSES)
  • Customize your newsletters or product upgrade notifications with the email address of the recipient of your newsletter, using the special tag %email address%; this tag will be automatically replaced with your recipient's email address
  • Free lifetime support

Our Newsletter Sender support all Windows platforms

Support Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000/98/ME

Recent Awards to our Newsletter Sender

Recent Awards

You can download the DEMO version (the DEMO can send the newsletters or product upgrade notifications up to 5 email accounts simultaneously, and also add the copyright at the bottom of each newsletter).

You can buy the full working version (the full version provides the complete features without any limitations)

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