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Still thinking if you need to personalize your newsletter or product upgrade notifications?

Seeking ways to organize your mailing list and send personalized email messages to each subscriber? Have a look at our software solution -YL Mail Man!

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YL Mail Man is a group mailer that can send personalized emails. YL Mail Man is designed to send individual emails in great quantities without using the CC (carbon copy) or BCC (blind carbon copy) option. All subscribers see only their e-mail addresses in the TO field, so they do not know about other people who have just received the same message. This is done to protect people's privacy.

YL Mail Man is a software solution specially designed for mass email marketing. You can easily manage your own mailing lists and send personalized emails, newsletters, announcements, individual advertising messages providing each of your customers with personalized attention they expect and courtesy they deserve. Each email message can contain as much subscribers' personal information as your business needs.

As personalized bulk email sending software, YL Mail Man allows you to send customized email messages. They can include a message body with specific user details and a personalized subject line. It is a solution for the problem of making personalized offers (with special prices and discounts) to existing customers. In addition, YL Mail Man provides the easiest way to edit email messages and message templates.

Unlike other newsletter mailers, YL Mail Man can personalize HTML e-mails too by merging each email message with data from your database. So you can send personalized eye-catching HTML-based newsletters as easily as text ones.


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