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Personalized e-mail plays a very important role in customers newsletters. Researches show that if recipients see their names in the subject line or in the first lines of an e-mail message, they are more likely to read it entirely. Otherwise, people just delete messages from the Inbox without reading them. So why risk it sending non-personalized newsletters and lose new leads? Just create a database of your customers and merge email using the built-in features of YL Mail Man.

It is easy as ABC to merge email with any database. Having a database in MS Excel or MS Access, you can save your mailing list and subscribers' individual information into a text or CSV file. YL Mail Man, our mass mailing software, recognizes this information and uses macros to send an individual email message to the each subscriber. No recipient will suspect that hundreds or thousands of people have just received the same message, but with their own individual details.

Then, you can save this list into the YL Mail Man's own file format to be able to load it faster in the future.

Summary. Email merging is very important for a successful mass email campaign. If your mailing list is opt-in, you may have some additional information about the user, like his or her full name, age and phone number. If you still send non-personalized e-mails, you may lose lots of leads! So, do not wait and start email merging to customize newsletters for each subscriber. You will see the results immediately.

NOTE: YL Mail Man is U.S. CAN SPAM Act Compliant. All messages sent with it must contain e-mail address removal information required by the new law. We do not tolerate any illegal actions like spamming and mail bombing with our mailer. Any spamming and unsolicited e-mail messages are prohibited by the license agreement.



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