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E-mail Verifier

E-mail Verifier - Advanced E-mail address validation software for mailing list verification

E-mail Verifier


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Fake email addresses are a huge problem for busy web sites. Most email validation programs looks for a "@" and a "." in the address. This is extremely inadequate and databases get populated with bad email addresses, resulting in several important problems: When sending a mass mailing to your site's customers, a large percentage of these emails get bounced and returned, wasting valuable bandwidth and resources. Many webmasters do not realize the fact that bandwidth is wasted doubly, since bad emails are sent, and then returned..

But email address verification is complicated... the syntax is surprisingly complex. And you have to write a lot of tricky networking code if you want to check also the domain or username.


Our E-mail Verifier (YL Mail Verifier) is an advanced E-mail address verifier software that is used to validate email in mailing lists. our E-mail Verifier can verify email, check and eliminate inexistant or invalid addresses using an advanced email verification technique. The verification procedures includes syntax checking, DNS domain validation, and 3 more different methods to verify an address. This technique significantly minimizes the number of bad email returns while increasing the accuracy of the mailing list.

E-mail Verifier validation works by performing a special type of DNS lookup. This lookup ensures that the domain of the email address is fully qualified to receive mail. Although it is impossible for email validation to be 100% foolproof, our E-mail Verifier can reduce the bad addresses in your database by up to 70% or more! improvings the quality of your addresses by filtering out far more bad addresses than any email validation tool.

Program Features

Advanced verification tests

  • Strict syntax validation using regular expressions
  • A domain validation by looking up in DNS records
  • An SMTP mailbox validation
  • EXPN and VRFY server side verification methods

Advantages of real-time email verification

  • Catch errors before putting inexistant email addresses in your databases
  • Avoid sending emails that will never arrive

Batch Processing

Our E-mail Verifier's robust design enables powerful batch processing:

  • Validate lists of thousands or millions of email addresses
  • Weed out stale addresses without sending emails
  • Collect statistics on types of errors, rates of email address "decay", domain popularity, and more

Advanced Importing and Exporting Filters

  • Import mailing lists from most popular databases including: ODBC, MS Access, dBase, FoxPro, Excel SpreadSheets, Paradox, Comma delimited files(CSV), text files, MySQL etc
  • Exports email verification results and mailing lists to MS Access databases, Excel Spreadsheets , comma delimited files (CSV) text files and ODBC data sources including MySQL.

Support Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000/98/ME

Fully compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows 64 bit Vista & XP

Download Now Download E-mail Verifier Now
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