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Press Release - Keep Your Computer Clean and Neat!

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YL Computing, Inc.
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Keep Your Computer Clean and Neat

YL Computing, Inc. is glad to announce that new version 6.2 of their WinUtilities software product has been released. Once again the world leader in the system productivity software development has proved that they still keep up the good work. You can see it for yourself if you download and try WinUtilities 6.2.

Actually, WinUtilities is not a software program, it is a kind of shell that comprises 20 tools that allow users to tune up the operating system and generally speed up the performance of their computers. This award-winning bundle of tools will allow you to perform a breathtaking number of optimization and cleanup operations - from the disk and registry cleanup to protecting your executable files with a password. And it actually does not matter which Windows version is installed on your computer - it can be any Windows version starting from Windows 98 and up to and including Windows Vista and Windows XP SP3 (both for 32-bit and 64-bit systems).

The first and most obvious advantage of WinUtilities is a clear and comfortable interface. All tools are grouped into six categories with clear names.

System Cleaners will allow you to clean up your disks, the registry and all kinds of history files. Though, the first tool already includes lots of masks for temporary and unnecessary files, you can use wildcards to search for custom file types. Of course, you can view all found files before you go to the last step (that is, removing files, moving them to the Recycle Bin or to a separate folder), but even if you delete some files that you may need, the tool can create a Restore Point for you to be able to get back to the state before erasing files. Actually, the same precautions are used when you clean the registry. As to History files, as you may know, the operating system stores a lot of history files and logs about your activities both on the computer and on the Net. Deleting these entries and history files you not only free space on your drives, but also take care of your privacy since history files can tell a power user a lot about what you do with the computer. To crow!
 n it all, the one-click maintenance tool is now available. You can use it to clean up everything with one click without opening each separate tool.

System Optimizers actually deal with "dead" shortcuts and duplicate files. You can remove the former and analyze the latter. Also, you can optimize your memory usage (the program can do it automatically) and your network connection (if you are not sure about these settings, there are recommended options available).

The tools in the System Control categories allow you to actually control your system - from editing your system configuration files (power users would probably appreciate it) and to allowing you to shut down your computer automatically at a certain time. You can also use this category to remove the browser help objects and startup items that you do not need, which also comes in handy since some programs want to run at Windows startup without even you being aware of it.

System Tools actually provide you with access to those tools that are available in the system. But here you can do it in a more pleasant and user-friendly interface of WinUtilities, which is also nice because you do not have to make your way through all those Windows system folders, but can actually access anything from one place. Besides, the system information you can get here will probably be the most comprehensive you've ever seen.

Registry tools will allow you to back up either the entire Windows registry or only certain keys (and later restore them, of course). Besides, you can simply search the registry for certain keys and values. Simple search sounds simple, but it actually provides you with much more search options than the standard Windows Registry Editor.

And at last File Tools. This section offers seemingly simple but still indispensable tools. Here you will be able to view deleted files and, if necessary and possible, restore them on NTFS and FAT volumes. Or you can completely wipe files off with the Shredder tool so that even experts will not be able to restore them. Also you can split large files into smaller ones (for example, to move them to another computer) and glue them back. And last but not least, you can protect any executable file with a password or disable this protection. It can be useful, for example, when you do not want your children to run your business applications or when you do not want other users to open your bookkeeping software on your office computer.

And one more thing - you can schedule almost any operation available in this suite of tools using the built-in scheduler. After that you will not have to worry that you might forget to do something in time. The program will do it automatically.

To sum it all up, the developers of WinUtilities are doing a great job keeping their software as up-to-date and competitive as possible. Whenever they come up with a good idea about tweaking the operating system, the feature is sure to appear among the bundle of tools included in WinUtilities. And the users of this suite will be able to update their software right from it with the Update Wizard built into the program.

System Requirements, Pricing and Availability

WinUtilities works under all Windows versions starting from Windows 98 and up to and including Windows Vista and Windows XP SP3 (both for 32-bit and 64-bit systems).
You can always download WinUtilities 6.2 for free from the developer's site at You can try it for 30 days before you make a decision about purchasing it for only $39.99, which is a great price for this bunch of useful Windows tools.

About YL Software

Founded in 2002, YL Software is committed to providing handy solutions to keep users' PCs in order. The company's motto speaks for itself: Your satisfaction is our only goal!


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