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Take the Foot Off the Brake!

WinUtilities 7.0

Even innocent computer users no longer get caught by surprise as they notice their computers, which used to run at "jet-fly-speed" just a while ago, losing their former energy and responsiveness, as if they're grown too old. This "aging slowdown" feature is common to all versions of Windows: with equal frequency it can be spotted in both the "elderly" 16 and 32-bit versions and the "newborn" Windows 7. This is the point where some start thinking of upgrading their hardware; others consider reinstalling Windows and giving it a fresh start. But don't rush to throw away your hardware or data: this isn't a terminal sentence for the computer or its operating system-this sign simply indicates that the time has come for a major cleanup.

Cleaning up a modern operating system manually is like cleaning a castle with a cloth and a pair of hands. So, to speed up the process, we are going to take advantage of the WinUtilities 7.0 suite, a system optimizer toolkit numbered, as it seems, after the last release of its "patron". Less than 7 megabytes in size, the installer carries over 20 comprehensive tools for repairing and optimizing improving the computer's performance. The application hides behind the icon in the system tray until user (or the automatic scheduler) launches a certain utility.

It's hard to think of anything that could compete with lengthy startup in the ability to wear out users' patience. Instead of a few moments that we are used to wait for a freshly installed system to launch, an "aged" operating system can "warm up" for minutes, as if someone was pushing hard on its brakes. The cause of the trouble lies in the registry that's gotten cluttered with instructions to run too many applications at the boot time. With the registry cleaner module, you can quickly clean the registry from redundant, obsolete or incorrect data and fix other registry errors.

The second major thing that hinders the performance of a computer is the way the system uses its memory and hard drive. If the disk is full, and the data on it is highly fragmented, not only the data transfer rate will drop, but the very surface of the disk will wear out sooner than expected due to rising disk temperature. Disk Cleaner and Duplicate Finder are helpful for straightening up the content of the hard drive; they find the stuff that litters the disk-temporary files, duplicates, cookies, history, etc.-and quickly get rid of it. If required, the program will shred the litter for good. Finalize the result by defragmenting the emptied hard drive with the brand new defragmenting module and enjoy the full speed of your hard drive.

Optimizes memory, fixes invalid shortcuts, protects sensitive data, gets rid of unnecessary browser helper objects-these are just a few of the tasks WinUtilities can handle. The majority of the operations are carried out automatically, without hindering user. The suite also carries system management utilities, including: File Undelete - for recovering deleted files on NTFS and FAT volumes, File Splitter - for splitting files into smaller pieces and assembling those into the original file, File Shredder - for wiping out sensitive data, EXE Protector - for protecting executable files with secure passwords, System control - for tuning up configuration files, system folders, system properties, and opening control panel applets without the administrative privileges.

WinUtilities 7 is fully compatible with all major editions of Windows, including 32-bit Windows XP, 64-bit Vista and Windows 7. Its one-click maintenance pad for launching maintenance modules with a click of a mouse button, task scheduler for automating time-consuming optimization jobs, along with the power of the maintenance modules are worthy hundreds of dollars, savable on the endless hours of the manual maintenance and unnecessary upgrades.


WinUtilities All In One System Optimization Suite

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Optimizer for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
It is safe, easy, fast and powerful

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